Friday, July 22, 2011

Exercises to Lose Weight Fast

That little time we have remaining at the end of a work day is very precious. Few people have the luxury to spend hours in the gym at a time. With that in mind here are 5 killer ways to Cut Your Workout Time.

when we reach home at End of the day we have we have littile time and it is very precious time. some people spend hours in the gym at a time. he spend this time on execise try to become healty. with that mind here are 5 useful killer ways to cut your work time.

1) Supersets
Use "non-competing" supersets. This means, choose 2 exercises for different muscle groups - and preferably completely opposite movements. For example, choose a push and a pull. So one muscle group rests while the other works... You'll massively cut the rest time you need between sets.

2) Change how you warmup
10 minutes on the treadmill is not an efficient use of time. I would suggest a circuit of bodyweight exercises for a general warmup, and include specific warm-up sets for your planned exercises.

3) Pair dumbbell and bodyweight exercises together in your Supersets. This saves you time as you won't need to fight for 2 sets of different dumbbells.

4) Choose Interval training over slow cardio.
There is MORE Weight Loss from interval training, and interval takes half the time to do.

5) Limit the use of isolation exercises (targeting only one muscle group)
Pick multi-muscle exercises. Squats, pulls, pushes, and rows use a good variety of muscle groups. If you only have 3 sessions of 30 minutes available per week then isolation exercises can be the first to go.

In addition, don't spend more than 10 minutes per week on direct ab training. It's not efficient and won't give you 6 pack abs alone.